Duplication vs. Replication

Priority Printing offers DVD and CD duplication. The following information is provided to explain the difference between duplication (the service which Priority provides) and replication.
DVD Duplication
Duplication is the standard in which smaller quantities of CDs or DVDs are usually manufactured. CD-R and DVD-R media is loaded into burners. Your information is digitally extracted from your master source (usually a master CD-R or DVD-R) and transferred to the blank discs after being verified. Whether your order is large or small, duplication offers the same final product. The disc proof is an exact sample of what the final product will be, since the same process is used no matter how small the quantity.

DVD Replication
Until recently, almost all disc production was done by replication. Replication is still the standard used to make mass (5,000+) quantities of CDs or DVDs. A “glass master” of your information is made which in turn is used to create “stampers”. These “stampers” are used for injection, molding the information onto foil. The mastered information is then protected by layers of poly carbonate plastic. It is then lacquered, usually screened, and ultimately packaged.
What's the difference?
Generally speaking, the main difference lies in the manufacturing processes and the length of time needed for production.
There is no data difference between a duplicated disc and a replicated disc. It is simply the procedure to put that information there is dramatically different.
Other than the way your disc is manufactured, the biggest noticeable difference may be the way the lower surface is marked. A duplicated disc will be purple coloured underneath due to the dyes found below the reflector. Replicated discs will be silver underneath because of the aluminum that was used to coat the disc.
The quality of the content is arguably the same between the two. The only concern with a duplicated disk is that a CD or DVD player that does not support the CD-R and DVD-R formats will not be able to read the disk. Most players that were purchased after 2004 will read both DVD-R and DVD+R. 
In conclusion
Priority brought DVD and CD duplication and printing in-house to serve you better. We are able to print and duplicate your order, no matter the quantity. By overlapping production stages of an entire book or packaging project, we ensure speedy service while still maintaining quality control. To talk to a customer service representative about your next CD or DVD duplication project, please click here.