File Preparation

When preparing files for submission to Priority, we ask that you:

  • Package your original files and/or create a high resolution pdf
  • Compress your files if submitting them electronically.

The following instructions were created to help with this process.

Preparing original files for submission

Priority Printing accepts files supplied in their native format from the following standard desktop publishing applications:


QuarkXPress 10
Illustrator CC
Photoshop CC
InDesign CC
Microsoft Office for
  Mac 2011


QuarkXPress 10
Illustrator CC
InDesign CC
CorelDraw X6
Photoshop CC
Microsoft Office 2007

Here are some key items to check before submitting your files to us:
  • All linked graphics must be supplied.
  • All fonts present in the document must be supplied. If we receive a missing font warning we will not proceed with your order. If you are sending postscript fonts, please include all screen and printer fonts.
  • All photos and rasterized graphics (ie. tiffs, jpegs, and Photoshop documents) should be 400 dpi at the finished size. All bitmap graphics (ie. black and white rasterized graphics, rasterized text, line art scans) should be 1200 dpi at the finished size.
  • If possible, provide an actual-size hard copy proof of your project. This will help our prepress technicians identify problems such as missing fonts or images.
  • Please supply multi-page documents as single pages, not spreads.
  • A bleed area of 0.125" is required wherever bleed is present in your project to allow for proper trimming and binding.
  • Always create a copy of your document, fonts and graphics to supply to us. Keep the original files on your system.
  • Always make sure that your files are supplied in the correct colour space, whether that be CMYK or Pantone colours. Be aware that major colour shifts can occur when converting from RGB colour space to CMYK colour space.

For further details about file preparation, please check our prepress page, especially the Proofreading and Submitting Files section. This will help you to perform the last few checks required before you go on to submit your original files.

The most common page layout programs have a "package" (InDesign) or "collect for output" (QuarkXPress) function which will copy all fonts and graphics present in your document into one folder for easy transfer to us.

Creating a PDF for submission

Almost all of the applications listed above now offer an option to output your data to PDF. However, the pdf settings must be checked before export, as not all pdfs will be print-ready.

The key standards that your pdf must meet are these:

  • Images should be at their highest resolution
  • Bleed should be 0.125" around all edges of each page
  • Fonts must be embedded.

You can create your pdf in a variety of ways. But the best way to create a print-ready PDF is to install our job option settings on your computer (see below), so that all fonts and graphics will meet our specifications. This will help avoid poorly created pdfs which will slow down the production of your project.

Using Job Options Settings to create a PDF
Adobe Acrobat has "job options" settings which can be installed on your computer, allowing you to output a pdf that is optimized for our use. To use our job option settings on your computer, click below:

  • Mac user [Click to download]
    To install this joboption file on a Macintosh system using OS X, simply drag the Priority PDF.joboptions file into the settings folder in the Acrobat Distiller application folder. A sample path for this would be: Macintosh Hardrive/Users/Shared/Distiller/Adobe PDF 6.0/Settings

    Or, in Adobe Indesign, browse to File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define... and load the job options file.

    To install this joboption file on a Macintosh system using OS 9, simply drag the Priority PDF.joboptions file into the settings folder in the Acrobat Distiller application folder. A sample path for this would be: Macintosh Hardrive/Applications (Mac OS9)/Adobe Acrobat/Distiller/Settings
  • Windows user [Click to download]
    To install this joboption file, simply drag and drop it into the "settings" folder in the Acrobat Distiller program folder. For PC a sample path for Windows 2000 would be: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 4.0/Distillr/Settings

    Or, in Adobe Indesign, browse to File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define... and load the job options file.

Once the Priority PDF.joboptions file has been placed into the Distiller "Settings" folder, it should appear in your Distiller application. When you open Distiller, Priority PDF should become available under the "Job Options" drop down menu.

Or, if you installed it through Adobe Indesign, the Priority PDF export settings should show up the next time you export a PDF from any of your Adobe products.

Create a PDF in Windows by Printing to File and Using Acrobat Distiller
Another way to create a high resolution PDF from Windows is to "Print to File" (which creates a postcript file) and use Acrobat Distiller to make your postscript into PDF.

  • From your native application (such as Microsoft Word) choose print from the file menu
  • Check off the "print to file" check box
  • Set up paper and print specs as if you were printing to any postscript printer
  • Press OK or PRINT
  • The file format choices should be either .prn or .ps Both formats are okay to use
  • Drag and drop the newly created .ps or .prn file into Acrobat Distiller with Priority PDF selected as a job option.
  • This will create a PDF document optimized for our use.

Compressing your files for submission
If supplying your files electronically, we recommend compressing your files using Winzip, Winrar, or Stuffit. By compressing your files it will help protect them from corrupting and create a smaller file for download or upload. If your compressed folder is under 10MB, you may try sending it by e-mail; if it is over 10MB, please send it through our FTP.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to call us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to supply my fonts if you have the same programs?
We need your version of the fonts you have used to create your document, this is to ensure that text does not reflow or default to Courier. We may have the same program you used but we may not have the exact version of the font you used.

How do I supply my fonts?
For PC users: Create a new folder, either on the Desktop or where you keep your current job file. Then go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts Folder. Highlight the font you need to include and right click to Copy, then Paste it in your new folder. Include the folder on your transfer disk or send the fonts as attachments with your e-mail.

For Mac users: Create a new folder. Go to System Folder > Fonts. Highlight the font you need and hold down the option key and drag the font to your folder. Include this folder on your transfer disk.

Can you take my pictures and logo off my website to use for my brochure?
No, to print your images with quality results we scan them at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. Images on the internet are 72 dpi and will appear grainy if we attempt to use them to print your brochure.

Can you output my file from PowerPoint?
As PowerPoint is a presentation program, it is not used for page layout and cannot output colour separations. It is not recommended that you supply files in PowerPoint. We purchase the most popular software programs for design and page layout and upgrade as new versions become available. We do not purchase software that is considered personal use programs such as Print Shop Deluxe, which is designed for outputting to your personal printer.


Printer Descriptions

If you would like install a printer driver, download the following printer descriptions for use with our imagesetter.


PDF Proofs

At Priority we like to use PDFs as a quick way of proofing for clients who cannot make it into our office. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best software for viewing your PDF proofs. If you do not have it on your computer, you may want to download and install this free software.