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You’ve written a book and you thought the hard part was over. The world of independent publishing can be overwhelming, that’s why you need a printer with the experience and expertise to bring your dream to life. Whether you’re a first time or experienced publisher, we can help make your project a success.

We’ve produced a wide array of books including:

  • Novels
  • Family or town histories
  • Textbooks
  • Children’s books
  • Poetry collections
  • Comic books and graphic novels
  • Memoirs    
  • Photography and art books
  • Cookbooks
  • Safety manuals
  • Employee handbooks
  • Catalogues
  • Annual reports
  • and so much more!

Our facility is equipped with the technology and equipment necessary to manufacture quality books by the most cost effective methods possible. Because we are focused on a specialized field of printing, we are more likely to offer you sound advice, reliable service and, generally, better prices than printers who do not specialize in books. Always ask your printer to see samples of books they have produced to check quality of work and binding. Keep in mind that the cheapest job is not always the best job.

There are a few organizations you may want to contact to help bring your book together. First of all, you need support. Talk to other authors travelling the same path and get involved in the writing community.

Below you will find information that can help guide you through making your book a reality! 



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What is Independent Publishing?

If you are an author who chooses to publish independently you take on all the responsibilities of the publisher. This includes research, writing, editing, layout, illustrations, printing and marketing the book. You will invest money and a lot of time into your project, but this also means you have full control over the final product.

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Why Publish Independently?

Most publishers are overwhelmed with unsolicited manuscripts. Less than two percent ever reach publication. There is another option: independent publishing. 

You can do this, but you can’t do it alone. We have compiled some helpful information for your independent publishing journey.


Independent Publishing Guide Download



Find an Editor

We recommend that you have a professional editor review your manuscript. Editors have an area of expertise, so you will want someone who specializes in your type of book. A good editor will not change your style, but will help polish your manuscript. 

The Editors’ Association can put you in touch with a broad range of professionals, including proofreaders, copy editors, translators, and researchers.

Find someone through:


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Get ISBN Registered

You will need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and bar code. ISBN is a worldwide identification system used to register and track your book. The ISBN is used for book ordering, cataloguing, inter-library loan, and stock control procedures.

Contact the Canadian ISBN Agency at the Library and Archives Canada to get your free ISBN number.

Once you have received your ISBN, you can provide this information to our production team and we will generate a bar code that can be incorporated into your back cover design. 


Get Catalogued

Another free service to take advantage of is the CIP Program (Cataloguing in Publication), also available through the Library and Archives of Canada. The CIP Program catalogues and publishes data about upcoming books. The information is input into a database by the Library and Archives of Canada for national and international distribution.

Visit Library and Archives of Canada’s website to learn more.




Get Copyrighted

Copyright is the exclusive right to copy a creative work or allow someone else to do so. In Canada, a book is automatically copyrighted as soon as it is written. However, registering a copyright, which can be done for a small fee through the national Copyright Office, can be useful in the event of a legal dispute.

Learn more about copyright here


Working With a Publisher

You may decide that independent publishing is not for you. There are many organizations available to help you navigate the publishing industry. A good start is the Association of Canadian Publishers. It encourages the writing, publishing, distribution, and promotion of Canadian books. Its website contains valuable information on what to expect when dealing with a publisher.

Visit the Association of Canadian Publishers' website to learn more.

Working with a publisher



Historical Research Resources

The Alberta Genealogical Society is a wonderful organization to join if you are researching your family history or the history of your area. It is a non-profit organization with eleven centres around Alberta. It promotes and encourages genealogical research through its quarterly publication Relatively Speaking. It has information about other organizations related to genealogy and sources available to help you in your search.

Members can borrow information from the AGS library, attend seminars and courses, and obtain information about different software available for compiling family histories.

Learn more about Historical Research here

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It's time to put your masterpiece out into the world.

Well, you’ve finally pulled all the pieces together and you are ready to hand everything over to your printer. It is important to use a company that specializes in printing books. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about the requirements involved in producing a quality book. We are aware of the details necessary to make your book look professionally produced by industry standards. These details can be critical to your success.

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Printing Quantity & Costs

It’s a good idea to start communicating with your printer in the early planning stages  to help you determine the specifications of your book based on your available budget, allowing you to develop a marketing strategy. In order to get a quote, you will need to make some decisions about the final product. Here are a few details you can compile to assist us with providing an accurate quote:

  • Quantity -- Even if you are unsure of your final requirements, a rough idea will help us get started.
  • Finished Size -- Common sizes include 5.5”x8.5”, 6”x9”, or 8.5”x11”
  • Number of pages -- Although your page count may not yet be accurate, you will need to make some preliminary page calculations.
  • Ink preference -- Will your book be primarily black text, or are there colour images within the layout? We can accommodate both!
  • Stock options -- The most common papers used for books are 60lb offset for the text and C1S (coated one side) 10pt cover stock for the cover. A good idea is to take a book you like to the printer and ask what kind of paper was used.
  • Cover design -- The cover of your book is very important. Keep in mind that although you can’t judge a book by its cover, many people do. If you are going to splurge anywhere, do it on the cover. Our design team has helped many authors' visions become reality with amazing results. It is also a good idea to protect your cover with a laminate finish to ensure your book is durable and long lasting. 


Book Printing Preparation

No matter what stage you are at in your publishing journey, we are ready to assist with finalizing files and ensuring your order is ready for production. The two most common paths to production are:

Supplied digital files for output, no alteration necessary -- You have completed the layout and formatting and are ready to proceed with printing. Contact us to find out if the software you are using is compatible.

Format Typesetting -- We take your prepared files and clean them up with minor formatting assistance, including adding page numbers, headers/footers, and page size adjustments.

Full Design -- You supply us with your manuscript and details, and our team of experts will design and format your content into a professionally prepared layout. Talk to us to get started today.

Book File Preparation

book binding and finishing


Binding & Finishing Options

Bindery is where the magic happens to bring your finished project together into a tangible piece of art. We offer a range of binding and finishing options to make any book stand out. Check out these samples of different ways we bind.

  • Perfect binding -- Most commonly used for paperbacks. A great advantage to perfect binding is that the spine is visible when the book is turned in on a bookshelf.
  • Saddle stitching -- Used for magazines, workbooks, colouring books, manuals or reports (under 100 pages).
  • Wiro or Plasticoil binding -- Very useful for cookbooks or manuals that need to be fully open at a specific page for “hands free” use.
  • Soft Touch Laminate -- An extra finishing option that gives your book cover a luxurious, velvety feel. 

Have something specific in mind? Talk to our experts to learn more about book finishing options.

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Trust a printer with proven experience.

Priority Printing has been producing books since 1986. Our state-of-the-art equipment is tailored for short to medium, and even long print runs. We have a complete prepress and graphics department including both Mac and PC systems. In our 24,000 square foot facility you will find top of the line presses and a full in-house bindery. Most importantly, our knowledgable staff will work with you one-on-one to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We treat you and your project as unique. With over 35 years of book printing, our experience is a varied as your ideas. But we still give every project our signature care and attention to detail. Talk with our knowledgable sales team and graphic designers to ensure your book is the best it can be.

We're here to help. This website is chock-full of helpful information, whether about independent publishingprintingrequesting a quotation, or meeting our helpful staff!

Talk to our sales team and let's get started with your next book production!

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