How to Target the Right Audience Using Canada Post

  • Aug 18, 2021

Reaching out directly through traditional mail is an effective way to communicate with your client base. It puts your business directly into the hands of potential and existing customers and increases visibility to a large number of consumers. Using Canada Post’s tools and guidelines, we are able to fine tune targeting to ensure we are reaching exactly the right audience with your marketing materials. 

Two of the most common methods of mail marketing are Personalized Mail and Neighbourhood Mail. Each have a unique purpose, and when used effectively can both be great tools for communicating your message. 

When to use Personalized Mail

Personalized (or variable) mail is exactly that: a piece of mail that has your client’s name printed directly on it. Using an approved predetermined mailing list, the recipient’s information is printed straight onto the item. By including their name on the advertisement, it can help them feel as though the messaging is targeted specifically to their interests, and in turn means they are more likely to open, read or interact with your content. Personalized mail is a great way to speak directly to your intended customer and tailor a message that speaks to them and their specific needs or interests. 

A few common examples of personalized mail can include community or alumni newsletters, loyalty rewards offers, or even invoice statements.  

Personalized Direct Mail Sample

Neighbourhood Ad Mail Sample

When to use Neighbourhood Mail

Neighbourhood mail is a more broad way of targeting a group of people or businesses within a specific postal code. This is a great option for businesses who want to introduce themselves to a new area, or who may want to increase their visibility within their immediate surrounding area. Neighbourhood mail will ensure that your promotion reaches every home or business within your selected zone, and can be scaled nation-wide. This can be a very effective way for businesses to boost awareness and drive new leads.

Whether you are looking for broad or specific channels to engage with your clients, targeted traditional mail offers so much potential. Are you ready to get started on your next bulk mail campaign? Talk to one of our experts today and let us take care of getting your message out to the world!

Written by Sarah Woodcroft 
for Priority Printing

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