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Printing for Success at the Market

You have created a product worth sharing with the world. The next step is putting yourself out there. Farmers' markets are a popular way to connect with potential customers in a one-on-one local community setting, and print marketing plays a major role in the success of your brand. Eye catching signage and displays will create interest and draw customers to your booth, while informative pieces such as brochures and business cards give them a deeper understanding of what you do. 

Keep reading below for samples and ideas to make your farmers' market display a success, or read our helpful blog to learn more about branding yourself for the market.

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Priority Printing Farmers Market Print Marketing 

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Branding Myself at the Market

Here are a few common print items you can use to make yourself stand out at the market:

1. Tent Canopy

Tent canopies are required at most outdoor markets, and are a highly effective way to ensure you are seen from a distance.

2. Banner

Banners allow you to display your brand. Hanging banners are ideal for the front of your table and require minimum space. If your display area is larger, consider a standing retractable banner for increased visibility.

3. Table Signs

Let your customers know exactly what they are getting with product signage. Insert printed pieces into holders, or mount your sign directly to coroplast for extra weather resistance.

4. Price Signs

Eliminate the guesswork by posting clear and concise price tags, signs and lists.

5. Brochures

Build a good relationship by giving your customers a bit of background on your business and your products.

6. Business Cards

Make sure your customers know exactly how to find reach you in case of questions, concerns or repeat orders.

7. Loyalty Cards

Encourage return traffic by offering loyalty cards and coupons for future purchases. 

8. Bags and Packaging

Finish their purchase with branded bags and packaging. For an extra touch, consider using branded stickers to seal paper bags.

9. Product Labels

Information and ingredient labels are a must-have for any packaged food items.

10. Apparel

Keep your whole team looking sharp, even if you are a one person show! 

11. Aprons

Keep your clothes clean and money organized with a custom branded apron. 

12. Name Tags

A classic name tag will make your appearance both professional and approachable.



Helpful Resources

There are plenty of organizations and resources available to help get you on the path to selling at farmers' markets. We have compiled a few to get you started:


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