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Make Print and Digital Marketing Work for You

An effective marketing campaign will consider all the likely ways to reach your potential audience and use them together. The best strategies often include a combination of print and digital marketing, using one common theme or "look" to bring a cohesive message together.

For example, "Person A" sees your billboard, which generates interest in your service. They then receive your flyer in the mail, which prompts them to scan the QR code, taking them to your website where they sign-up for your newsletter or make a purchase. Displaying a consistent message across multiple channels creates brand recognition and trust.

Effective marketing will generate interest in and knowledge about your company or product. Keep reading below to learn about tools available to help market your business.


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Priority Printing Marketing Campaigns for business 

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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mailing campaigns are still the most common and effective way to reach a large or targeted audience. Our services encompass everything from the initial concept design, to print production, to final distribution via Canada Post, allowing us to see your campaign through from start to finish.

Learn more about Direct Mail Marketing, or talk to our team to find out more about how we can help guide you in this process using One to One Mailing, our Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner.

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Flyers are an ideal way to target large groups of people with a specific message.

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Create buzz around your promotion with custom postcard printing.

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Personalized Letters

Add a personal touch by reaching out directly to your clients with individualized letters on branded stationery.

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Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows and networking events can be an extremely important way to connect with an entirely new audience. Trade show marketing can be broken down into two categories: active marketing (information pieces and giveaway items) and passive marketing (signage displays and additional branding).

A good practice is having information or items available for your new contacts to take with them. This actively encourages brand recognition, and ensures that the next time they are in need of your skills, your business will be the one they think of!

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Business Cards

Leave a lasting impression with high quality business card printing.

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Brochures are still one of the most effective means of communicating large quantities of information.

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Rack Cards

Rack cards are a great way to condense your information into easily digestible specific topics.

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Scratch pads and note sheets are perfect for keeping your information at-the-ready.

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Loyalty Cards

Encourage return traffic by offering loyalty cards and coupons for future purchases.

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Door Hangers

Never miss an opportunity to connect with potential clients.

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Magnets are a non-permanent and functional way to display your contact information or services.

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Retractable Banners

Portable and easy to set-up, retractable banners are great for indoor displays.

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Promotional Items

Give them a little something special to remember you.

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Embroidered hats are a popular option for comfort, style and brand visibility.

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Finish your look with custom branded apparel for your whole team.

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Display Marketing

Signage and displays are excellent passive marketing tools. They are highly visible and often get repeated impressions from local traffic, giving your message a chance to be viewed over and over. Signage is critical in generating awareness about your business.

Talk to us to learn more about display solutions, or click here for more examples.  

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Lawn Signs

Leave your calling card in a way that is sure to be seen.

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A-Frame Signs

Perfect for outdoor directional signage or sidewalk displays.

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Hanging Banners

Go big with weatherproof vinyl banners, featuring grommets for easy display.

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Vehicle Decals

Take your message on the road with custom window or vehicle decals.

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Digital Marketing

In today's digital era, it is important to include an online aspect in your marketing campaign. Our team of graphic designers has the experience and ability to create digital graphics that can be incorporated into your existing website and social media channels, rounding out your complete marketing package.

Talk to us to learn more about creating custom digital graphics. 

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Social Media Graphics

Keep your followers up to date on the latest deals with social cards and graphics.

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Website Banners

Dynamic web banner images can be integrated into existing websites and keep your messaging consistent.

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Email Signatures

Customize your email signatures to match your current promotion.

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QR Codes

These scan codes can be generated and added to almost any piece of print marketing as an easy way to integrate your online and print marketing.

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